PERCoLAToR CD Review  
   HITTIN THE NOTE -- Percolator
Jim Weider
Moon Haw Records
by Bill Ector

It takes a unique talent to put out an all-instrumental CD these days, particularly as a guitarist. Jim Weider has done a wonderful job of getting his music out in the form of his 3rd CD, Percolator, 10 songs that run a wide range of styles and bring forth a ton of feelings. He wrote or co-wrote all the tracks on the CD, and enlisted such stellar musicians as John Medeski on keys, Rodney Holmes on drums, and long-time collaborator and friend Tony Levin on bass to help his cause. Each one contributes mightily to the sound and feel of this CD.
Weider lets you know proudly what instruments he played, as well as what amps, effects pedals, and other equipment he used in the recording of his parts, incorporating his trusty Fender Telecaster for most of the album. His tone is varied from song to song, but he never lets the effects take over the song or his style, which is a high compliment to his overall sense of what constitutes good music.
Weider has now embarked on taking his live band out on the road. Fresh from a short European run, they are taking on the U.S., so keep an eye and an ear out for them. Of particular note on Percolator are “Maze,” which kicks it all off, and the cool “Troll,” featuring the keyboard wizardry of John Medeski. This CD is one that all fans of good music will find a lot to like about.

Bill Ector


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