Vintage Guitar reviews PULSE CD  
   VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE -- Project Percolator
Moon Haw Records
The latest from the renowned roots-rock/Tele picker takes him in a decidedly new direction that nicely fuses his wide-ranging influences; think “groove-guitar rock” a la Jeff Beck, or John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu Orchestra. But of course, Weider’s direction is his own.
Project Percolator teams Weider and his black-guard ’52 Tele with guitarist Mitch Stein. Their backline is six-string bassist Steve Lucas and the tight, right drumming of Rodney Holmes.
Pulse pulsates with Holmes’ rhythms, and Weider unreels wonderous wah solos on tunes like the title track and “GreenZone,” as does Stein on “No Exit Strategy.” On the finale, “Two Worlds,” Weider’s sitar and slide guitars carve the melodies.
This CD includes two videos – a studio cut of “Squirrels in Paris” and a behind-the-scenes shoot of the band at work. – MD

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