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   HITTIN' THE NOTE MAGAZINE -- Jim Weider may have made his name as a roots-rocker, playing with the likes of The Band and Bob Dylan, but Pulse shows him stretching out into jazz fusion territory. In many ways, this album is on the same wavelength as Jeff Beck’s mid-70s classics Blow By Blow and Wired, high praise indeed for any guitarist.
The convoluted-yet-catchy riffs in songs like “Squirrels In Paris” and “Two Worlds” are complex enough to make the biggest guitar snob sit up and take notice of Weider’s technical skill, but the disc never descends into noodling wankery. This isn’t just a collection of jams—these are fully-realized compositions that can stand up proudly to any instrumental music being made today.

Jim has plenty of help from an incredible all-star band, including jazz royalty Mitch Stein and Steve Lucas on guitar and bass, and the incomparable Rodney Holmes on drums.
This is Weider’s band, and it says a lot that he can surround himself with some of the best musicians on Earth and still command your musical attention. His rich slide licks on tunes like “Dreamline” and the Eastern-inflected “Two Worlds” will melt your heart, while his straight lead playing on “Release Yourself” and “Motivator” will boggle your mind.

This is a thinking man’s guitar album that reveals more with each listen, and Jim Weider is one of the most
underrated guitarists in America.
Rob Johnson - Hittin'the Note

Rob Johnson


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