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(Moon Haw Records)
It’s the mark of an adventurous artist who can reinvent himself and do it in such a way as to leave his credibility intact. So credit Jim Weider with tracking to opposite extremes, from the Americana realms of the revitalized Band to this current experiment in fusion-esque rock and riffing. Having gathered an accomplished group of collaborators, Weider and his Project Percolator (try saying that three times!) offer up a driving series of raging instrumentals that tow a fine line between Funk, Metal and Prog Rock realms.
Despite the fact that this is the ensemble’s first effort, the results are remarkably cohesive, Weider’s fluid leads acting in tandem with the sturdy anchor provided by his associates. While many jazz-tinged offerings tend to veer towards over indulgence and bombastic extremes, #Pulse# keeps a solid groove, balancing its precociousness with a solid focus on melody, texture and dynamics. Most of the tracks – “Squirrels in Paris,” “”No Exit Strategy” and “Green Zone” in particular – come across with a heavy surge, similar at times to latter era King Crimson. There’s a brief respite via “Release Yourself,” one of the few tracks with vocals, and “Talking to You,” a pleasant instrumental ballad, but for the most part the music veers towards a darker, more intimidating, somewhat insurgent sound. It’s hardly the sort of thing that gives cause to humming along, but as it plays out, this #Pulse” remains consistently strong.
Standout tracks: “Squirrels in Paris,” “Talking To You” LEE ZIMMERMAN

Lee Zimmerman

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