ProJECT PERCoLAtoR "Live Review"  
Sunday, August 6th. Joe Lipton and the INN on the Blues have hosted some amazing bands this season, and Sunday night saw the memorable return of the Jim Weider Project / PERCoLAToR. This groove and atmospheric guitar-driven band stunned the INN-crowd on May 4th and repeated their historic show on Sunday night.

The band is Jim Weider on guitar (formerly with The Band); Mitch Stein on guitar (Steve Kimock Band); Ron Jenkins on bass (Gato Barbieri); and special guest, Rodney Holmes on drums (Santana, Steve Kimock Band).

There are no vocals during this show (a musical nod to Jim’s days with The Band was “The Weight”), but the three guitars ‘speak’ a language all their own. Cardiac specialists could play this band’s CD as part of their examinations – THAT’S where you feel this music – in your heart. Add a drummer like Rodney Holmes and his drum loops to the equation and you’ve got a truly phenomenal event – happening right before your eyes, ears, heart and soul. The music is rock and blues blended with funk and jazz – amazing fusion – and then here and there a slow, pulsing (non-verbal) ballad. It was a feast for all senses.

For the most part, the dance floor went unused on Sunday night. All present were too absorbed in watching what was happening on stage to want to move. The few dancers soon realized they were blocking views of the musicians and moved aside.

There were three guitarists on stage, but twice as many guitars. It’s pretty much a miracle (for fans) that Jim, Mitch and Ron ended up finding each other; the result is mind-numbing. And then there is Rodney. He looks like a gentle soul – lovely smile – very unassuming, and very capable of drumming a crowd into a screaming, jumping, frenzy of excitement. No one at the INN on the Blues wanted the show to end, but more could have been hazardous to our health. The INN-crowd didn’t dance, but used nearly as much energy: multiple standing ovations, unabated applause and cheering, the unexpected leaps to the feet – phew! (Joe warned people before the show to grab a seat and hang on – maybe seat belts would help.)

After the ritual chant of ‘one more song’ and when the last note existed only in our hearts and souls, you could see that nearly everyone in the place felt exhausted, happy, antsy - the need was compelling to reach out and to thank any and all four of the musicians who held us spellbound for those magical hours.

When Lady K approached Jim Weider, words escaped her (hard to imagine now); I just shook my head and put my hand over my heart. Jim’s warm smile and hand-clasp told me he’d seen the same reaction many times before, and he understood.

I gotta say WOW!!!! (because I told Jim that I would). BLUEZ NEWZ

Kathleen Bassett


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Graphics By Michael McDevitt