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Jim  at Teatro Astra in Schio ITALY
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Jim at the Falcon
  WORLD GONE MAD - 5/6/2018  
        THE WEIGHT BAND released its new album World Gone Mad feb 23rd 2018 ! on the weight band records ,usa also oiut in canada on Curve Music records available on Itunes and amazon
  CAMP CRIPPLE CREEK - 12/31/2017  
  Jim Weider Lends His Weight to The Band’s Legacy - 4/23/2015  
        http://tinyurl.com/np29vso Mike Interviews Jim Weider on the Group THE WEIGHT [ More ]
        Phil Lutz , from the bands Music The Weight Builds a future , interviews Jim Weider and Randy Ciarlante and barbara OBrien about the Weight / woodstock music venues , http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/04/nyregion/from-the-bands-music-the-weight-builds-a-future.html?smid=fb-share&_r=0 [ More ]
  JIM Weider's Percoaltor - 12/7/2014  
        LESSONS UNDER Investigation dec issue 2014 , Jesse Gress writes a 9 page article on Jim Weider's percolator songs from pulse cd and percolator
  Jim Weider's Project Percolator LIVE AT MYSTICK BLUES FEST CD Review - 9/23/2014  
  JIM WEIDER TELECASTER MASTER Shares some Magic - 8/10/2014  
        http://www.guitarworld.com/jim-weider-telecaster-master-shares-some-magic cool review on Big T Lead Pickup [ More ]
  COLBY DTB 50 Amp &BIG T PICKUPS Review - 11/24/2013  
        ToneQuest gives rave Reviews to the Jim Weider Signature Amp Colby DTB 50 and Jim's Big T Pickups !!! www.tonequest.com [ More ]
  BIG T BRIDGE PICKUP released!! - 10/28/2013  
        the new BIG T TELE BRIDGE pickup is out and available at analogman http://www.buyanalogman.com 2 years in the making with Lindy Fralin its louder then my 52 but still has the same tone and Vibe !! now theres a set avail [ More ]
  JIM WEIDER'S ProJECT PERCoLATOR LIVE featuring James Montgomery - 5/11/2013  
        JAMBANDS REVIEW http://www.jambands.com/reviews/cds/2013/05/04/jim-weider-s-project-percolator-live-featuring-james-montgomery [ More ]
  JIM WEIDER'S ProJECT PERCoLATOR LIVE CD with James Montgomery - 5/4/2013  
        NEW LIVE CD JIM WEIDERS,ProJECT PERCoLAToR LIVE , featuring Jim Weider -Guitar,Rodney Holmes-drums ,Jason Crosby -keyboards/violin ,Avi Bortnick- guitar and Steve Lucas -bass with very special Guest Blues great! James Montgomery -vocals &harp [ More ]
  NEW BIG T PICKUP VIDEO - 3/10/2013  
        new Video JIm WEider compares his BIG T pickup to a reissue 52 fender tele pickup http://youtu.be/_g-dHo5yCFA by Larry Milburn [ More ]
  AMP OF THE YEAR 2012 - 2/27/2013  
        COLBY AMP DTB 50 voted amp of the Year 2012 by Vintage Guitar magazine
  COLBY DTB AMP VIDEO - 2/27/2013  
        Jim and Mitch show the new Colby amp video demo at Clubhouse ,Rheinbeck,NY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2jTEAvN8Vk [ More ]
  COLBY AMPS review - 12/9/2012  
        colby Amps The Vintage Guitar magazine review of the "dual tone booster" dtb50!Jim Weiders signature amp http://colbyamps.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/COLBYTONEBOOSTERFEB2013.pdf [ More ]
  Jim Weider &Garth Hudson feature - 8/6/2012  
        Relix feature that just ran from Jim Weider & Garth Hudson's performance at The Iridium: http://bit.ly/R1bYX7 [ More ]
        Date: July 1, 2012 Time: 3:00pm - 6:00pm 59 Stony Hill Road, Bethel, CT Jim Weider & Andy Powell(Wishbone Ash) will do a very special Blues Rock master class workshop showing their styles &influences that inspired them and how to get Great Tone! and also will perform together limted seating... [ More ]
  JIM WEIDER featured artist - 3/26/2012  
        http://www.homegrownmusic.net/news-and-views/featured-artist-jim-weider [ More ]
  BIG T PICKUP REVIEW - 2/13/2012  
        the Big T-Pickup produces a big musical Tone without losing its classic tele twang !!its a no -Brainer Upgrade!Phil Feser http://www.buyanalogman.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AM-BIGTPickup [ More ]
  JIM WEIDER'S PROJECT PERCoLAToR with Garth Hudson live streaming - 9/20/2011  
        JIM WEIDER'S PROJECT PERCoLAToR with Garth Hudson click on this link , to catch us live this wed night eastern standard time http://theiridium.com/iridiumlive Date: September 21, 2011 Time: 8:00pm &10pm [ More ]
  BIG T PICKUP - 6/13/2011  
        Jim Weider's releases his BIG -T tele rhythm Pickup with analog man Jim designed with Lindy Fralin and made by Fralin. http://www.buyanalogman.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AM-BIGTPickup [ More ]
  Jim Weider interview - 6/25/2010  
        http://www.rollmagazine.com/may10/articles/jimweider.php Jim talks on new cd pulse /his Band and touring with Levon Helm [ More ]
  Elmore reviews " PULSE" - 1/7/2010  
        Jim Weider’s PRoJECT PERCoLAToR Pulse (Moon Haw) Right from the opening bell this album just boils! The opening track, “Squirrels in Paris,” starts off with a few cosmic licks from Weider, the master of the classic Telecaster, then drummer Rodney Holmes sets the tone for some of the... [ More ]
  BLURT Magazine reviews PULSE - 12/30/2009  
        Jim Weider’s Project Percolator Pulse (Moon Haw Records) www.jimweider.com It’s the mark of an adventurous artist who can reinvent himself and do it in such a way as to leave his credibility intact. So credit Jim Weider with tracking to opposite extremes, from the Americana realms of the... [ More ]
  Hittin' The Note reviews Pulse - 12/29/2009  
        Jim Weider may have made his name as a roots-rocker, playing with the likes of The Band and Bob Dylan, but Pulse shows him stretching out into jazz fusion territory. In many ways, this album is on the same wavelength as Jeff Beck’s mid-70s classics Blow By Blow and Wired, high praise indeed for... [ More ]
  Relix reviews " PULSE "cd - 12/24/2009  
        Guitarist Jim Weider is known for many things including his work with The Band and his uncanny ability to find the perfect guitar sound that has earned him the nickname “King of Tone,” but progressive composer and jam band leader are new entries on the master axeman’s resume. Weider’s latest... [ More ]
  Guitar Player feature on Jim Weider - 12/6/2009  
        Jim Weider feature interview on The making of "Pulse " his gear , and playing technics !jan2010 issue
  Vintage Guitar reviews PULSE CD - 12/6/2009  
        Project Percolator Pulse Moon Haw Records The latest from the renowned roots-rock/Tele picker takes him in a decidedly new direction that nicely fuses his wide-ranging influences; think “groove-guitar rock” a la Jeff Beck, or John McLaughlin and Mahavishnu Orchestra. But of course, Weider’s... [ More ]
  Vintage Guitar feature with Jim Weider - 12/6/2009  
        Vintage guitar feature story with Jim weider on recording the new cd PULSE ,his Gear and touring with Project Percolator and Levon Helm jan 2010 issue [ More ]
  A Tele-Master worships the Groove - 12/6/2009  
        Austrian music magazine "Concerto" interviews Jim Weider www.concerto.at "Ein Tele-Meister huldigt dem Groove by Karl Gedlicka issue 6/2009 [ More ]
  Three Days Later with Jim Weider - 11/26/2009  
        Jim talks on the recording of Pulse http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/2009/Dec/Three_Days_Later_with _Jim_Weider.aspx [ More ]
  Jim Weider Master of the Telecaster - 11/26/2009  
        Jim is interviewed talks about gear and making of Pulse http://modernguitarist.guitarinternational.com/wpmu/2009/11/12/weider/ [ More ]
  Jim Weider Interview on PULSE cd - 11/26/2009  
  PULSE review at Honesttune.com - 11/26/2009  
        'PULSE redefines the joy and discovery of taped improvisational theater, and thrusts Jim Weider into the spotlight alongside his daredevil backup unit Project Percolator... It's one wild ride.' [ More ]
  PULSE cd Review - 10/30/2009  
        Scott Bernstein interviews Jim about the making of PULSE cd. http://www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/interview-checking-jim-weiders-pulse/ [ More ]
  honesttune.com reviews PULSE CD - 10/25/2009  
        http://www.honesttune.com Pulse Cd gets reviewed by Jamie Lee [ More ]
  Guitar Jam Daily Interviews Jim Weider - 10/25/2009  
        http://www.guitarjamdaily.com Guitar Jam Daily Inteviews Jim about the making of PULSE CD by Ken Volpe [ More ]
  Jim Weider Fishman Artist of theMonth - 10/7/2009  
        Jim is Fishman's Featured Artist of the month http://www.fishman.com/artists/ [ More ]
  Jim Weider's Fender Artist Page - 10/7/2009  
        Jim Weider gets a Fender artist page http://fender.com/artists/ [ More ]
  The Guitar Show interview with Jim Weider - 9/3/2009  
        JIm Weider will be a featured artist in Guitar Show with Andy Ellis (broadcast Sept. 10-12) with exclusive interview clips and tracks from Pulse. Listeners can connect to the online stream via the stations' websites. Guitar Show with Andy Ellis streams online three times a week from Nashville... [ More ]
  Jamband Radio Charts - 8/9/2009  
        PULSE # 3 on Jambands.com radio charts and # 6 on our top 40 - http://www.homegrownmusic.net/pages/radio-charts [ More ]
  PULSE Review - 7/15/2009  
        PULSE cd review is up on Jambands.com at this link http://www.jambands.com/CDReviews/content_2009_07_13.01.phtml Moon Haw Records If you listen to Pulse without doing your homework first, I double-dang guarantee you you’re going to be tearing into the liner notes (and then probably... [ More ]
  John Martin album recording - 7/3/2009  
        JIM Weider recorded guitar on two songs on John Martin's final solo album and also on a tribute CD out in Jim Tullio's chicago Studio Butcher Boy
  Jim Weider with Levon Helm Band - 7/3/2009  
        Jim Weider will be playing guitar with Levon Helm Band thursday ,July 9th on the CBS David letterman show featuring asong from "Electric Dirt" cd. [ More ]
  The Weather Channel Plays Jim Weider - 7/3/2009  
        The Weather Channel TV will be playing “Flight” and “Rain Daze” from PERCoLAToR cd and ” “Squirrels in Paris” from the new cd "PULSE " for this July 2009 [ More ]
  Facebook Fan Page - 7/3/2009  
        there's a new Jim Weider facebook Fan page where you can join up for the latest Tour dates news and live tracks and video check it out !
  Jim Weider Touring with Levon Helm Band - 6/3/2009  
        Jim Weider is leaving for a Tour with Grammy award artist Levon Helm Band june 6th thru june 20th [ More ]
  - 5/7/2009  
        Jim Weider will appear with Levon Helm and Garth Hudson in "Song to Soul" 60-minute weekly music documentary program on TBS' satellite channelin Japan on "THE BAND" The show will be aired on May 13th at 11 PM all over Japan, on satellite channel of TBS called BS-TBS. and rerun on the following... [ More ]
  PULSE - 4/27/2009  
        JIM WEIDER's PRoJECT PERCoLAToR new Multi Media CD "PULSE " is now available ! check out the Video !" Squirrels in Paris " "PULSE" is a Multi Media CD that also has two Video's on it" Squirrels in Paris "and the recording of "Pulse "at Allaire Studio's !! PULSE CD Features: Jim Weider -... [ More ]
  "The Family That Preys - 9/8/2008  
        Jim has a song he co-wrote with Jim Tullio sung by Mavis Staples called" Have a little Faith" in the new movie out in theaters sept 12th "The Family That Preys '(2008)Directed by Tyler Perry
  Mixing new ProJECT PERCoLAToR Cd - 9/8/2008  
        Jim is in The studio with John Holbrook and has started mixing the new ProJecT PERCOLAToR Cd !! at John's Studio The DEN .
  Jim recorded on BeauSoleil's new Cd - 9/7/2008  
        Jim recorded on BeauSoleil's latest recording !at The Club House studio in Rheinbeck NY.with featured guest's Natalie Merchant ,Artie and Happy Traum,plus more!
  ProJECT PERCoLAToR at Mountain Jam 2008 - 1/26/2008  
        Jim Weider's ProJECT PERCoLAToR will be playing Mountain Jam 2008 with special guest Lucy Bo [ More ]
  European Tour dates - 1/26/2008  
        Spring European Tours will be p[osted soon !!
  PERCoLAToR CD Review - 7/12/2007  
        Percolator Jim Weider Moon Haw Records by Bill Ector It takes a unique talent to put out an all-instrumental CD these days, particularly as a guitarist. Jim Weider has done a wonderful job of getting his music out in the form of his 3rd CD, Percolator, 10 songs that run a wide range of styles... [ More ]
  AXE Magazine - 4/15/2007  
        Axe magazine ,Italy reviews Percolator! www.axemagazine.it [ More ]
  Fargen JW40 AMP JIM WEIDER Signature Amp Review - 4/15/2007  
        Tone Quest Interviews Jim on his quest for his 52 Telecaster ,on Roy Buchanan and interview's Jim on his new JW40 signature Amp along with Ben Fargen and Mike Piera ! Tone Quest reports >the overdriven voice of the Fargen is "Majestic" asimpler,better sounding or more Versatile amp has yet to be... [ More ]
  Jim Weider's ProJECT PERCoLAToR 'Live Show" - 4/14/2007  
        8/5/06 Boothbay Opera House, Night Out With Friends, ME Download please go to this link : http://flink.livedownloads.com/show.asp?show=1570&affid=105 "A Night Out With Friends" features Jim Weider's PRoJECT PERCoLAToR first "Live Download ". Jim is with Rodney Holmes -drums... [ More ]
  JW40 AMP JIM WEIDER Signature Amp Released ! - 1/20/2007  
        Jim Weider will be at The Namm Show 2007 at Fargen Amps booth#1389 demonstrating his New SIGNATURE AMP JW40 www.jw40.com jan 20 and 21/07 time: 12 noon till 6pm [ More ]
  ProJECT PERCoLAToR'S West Coast Tour - 1/18/2007  
        after the Namm show , Jim Weider's ProJECT PERCoLAToR tours up the Coast of California for its first west coast Tour ! Tuesday 1/23 The Knitting Factory http://www.knittingfactory.com 7021 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028 Phone: 323.463.0204 Wednesday 1/24 Winston's... [ More ]
  Weather Channel plays" Big Foot &Freedom Walk - 1/18/2007  
        Along with 4 songs off of the PERCoLAToR Cd the Weather Channel just added Big Foot and Freedom Walk off of Jim's 1st and 2nd recordings.
  101 UNSUNG HEROE'S - 1/16/2007  
        Best known for his tenure as Robbie Robertsons replacement in the BAND between 1985 and 2000. Weider has wielded his '52 Telecaster alongside Bob Dylan, Keith Richards , and numerous other luminaries .Weiders distinctive style - which includes gutsy slide work - adeptly fuses blues,rock... [ More ]
  Jim Weider Apple I Tunes links - 10/22/2006  
        Direct Links to download : Jim Weider and The HonkyTonk Gurus: Big Foot http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum? playListId=79244498 Jim Weider Band: Remedy http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum? playListId=75359103 Jim Weider: Percolator ... [ More ]
  ROBSON ARMS / “Healing Time” - 10/22/2006  
        Jim Weider's song "Healing Time" he co - wrote with Colin Linden and Colin James is licensed to be used in the Canadian TV show ROBSON ARMS . [ More ]
  Jazzwise reviews Percolator - 10/19/2006  
        A treat for Guitar heads of all descripitions,but especially if your dowsed in that great 1960's blues rock tradition.The smokey telecaster tones, feeling most at home on blues driven ballads such as the closing Prayer.
  Blues Matters reviews Percolator - 10/19/2006  
        Percolator Jim's newest Cd, this is modern playing at its best with stunning grooves by Rodney Holmes ,is aurally mesmerising and exciting to listen to.Jim's Guitar tone ,powerfull solo's and his skill as a songwriter are much in evidence on this Cd!
  Gibsons Backstage Pass Features Jim Weider - 10/2/2006  

With Rockabilly Guitar, Lesson One and Lesson Two, the folks at Homespun have put together one of the best video guitar lessons available. Taught by Jim Weider, guitarist for the Band, the two-DVD set offers a king’s ransom of classic rock ’n’ roll. This is must-know material... [ More ]

  JAZZ MAGAZINE reviews PERCoLAToRCD and Interviews Jim - 9/20/2006  
        Italy's JAZZ MAGAZINE reviews Percolator CD and interviews JIM Titled Jim Weider "Pioneer of Rock in Roll" july 2006 issue [ More ]
  Jim Weider Gitarre & Bass Magazine Interview - 8/30/2006  
         Der Mann hat eine Vita, die einen anerkennend staunen lässt: Als Mitglied der legendären Formation The Band hat er ein Stück Musikgeschichte mitgeschrieben und als Session-Gitarrist, Produzent und Dozent an vielen Stellen seine Handschrift hinterlassen. Und das mit einem sehr eigenen Schwung,... [ More ]
  ProJECT PERCoLAtoR rocks Opera House - 8/9/2006  
         The thunderous, hard-rock instrumental really came into its own in the 1970s and has hung in there as a popular musical variant ever since. The latest manifestations would have to include some jam band music, but purveyors of pounding arena anthems still draw crowds as well. Virtuoso electric... [ More ]
  ProJECT PERCoLAtoR "Live Review" - 8/9/2006  
         Sunday, August 6th. Joe Lipton and the INN on the Blues have hosted some amazing bands this season, and Sunday night saw the memorable return of the Jim Weider Project / PERCoLAToR. This groove and atmospheric guitar-driven band stunned the INN-crowd on May 4th and repeated their historic show... [ More ]
  Jim Weider's ProJECT PERCoLAToR - 5/3/2006  
        This is Jim's New Band playing all orginal "Groove" Guitar instrumentals from the Cd "PERCoLAToR" featuring Rodney Holmes - drums /Mitch Stein - guitar and Ron Jenkins -Bass
  Percolator - 2/2/2006  
        Jim's new album Percolator is available .
Percolator is an all orginal "groove" Guitar instrumental record using Drum loops and Drums with multi layered Guitars with an all Star Guest line up .

... [ More ]
  PERCoLAtoR Guitar Player Review - 8/4/2005  
         Jim Weider Percolator While prog rock and neo-Baroque shred are still highly abundant these days, quality straight-ahead instrumental rock seems to be in shorter supply. With Percolator, though, Jim Weider—the Telecaster devotee and sideman par excellence—seems on a mission to breath new... [ More ]
  Mavis Staples - 10/1/2004  
        Jim Weider played guitar on five songs for Mavis Staples new record. He also co-wrote it's title track first single "Have A Little Faith". It was released in October of 2004. Have -a-Little Faith is up for a WC Handy Award for best gospel/blues album of the year! [ More ]

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