Jim’s main rig is a channel switching 1965 Bassman Amp modified by Mark Kane. Could I leave it alone?  Of course not!! In the never-ending search for the perfect tone, Mitch Colby and I tweaked it several times!  The speaker cabinet is made by Mark Howson with vintage Jensen 15” and 10” speakers.




Jim’s main guitar is a 1952 Telecaster with a Big T rhythm pickup. His other main guitars are a 53 & 62 Telecaster, a Fender Custom shop 1997 Telecaster and Cooder style Telecaster with a lap steel pickup for slide. He also uses a 1968 Epiphone Sheraton. His mandolin is by Gibson custom shop and His acoustic is made by David Flammang. Jim uses a custom set of Ernie Ball strings Picks by pick world.


Jim's pedal board includes a King Of Tone Pedal and Analogman compressor.


Jim uses a Big T rhythm pickup on his guitars